Washington Apple Country


All of our gourmet ciders are available wholesale for your fruit stand or market. Our Artisan short-run gourmet ciders packaged in our exclusive glass wine bottle are an excellent featured offering for a bed and breakfast or specialty restaurant.

Lady Blush Cider Collection, your premium gourmet cider, created at the Cashmere Cider Mill. Sold through a network of carefully selected retailers , able to offer you the very best in "first press apple cider" a true gift from nature . All natural ingredients, blended with perfection from Washington apple orchards into artisan batches to retain integrity of the very best. Your individual needs, personal circumstances and celebrations were in our minds eye as we created the very thing to bring you a "Moment you still Remember"

The Spirit of Lady Blush is all about a passion for life and the warmth of atmosphere created around it. It is serenity of life around the fire, your celebration table, or romantic moment to share. For the perfect atmosphere. The perfect surroundings, and the perfect moment - of serenity, peace and harmony.

In order to ensure that you benefit from this tasteful treasure, we recommend purchasing Lady Blush Cider Collection - a beverage of distinction!

We would love to discuss your interest in being one of our selected retailers, or perhaps a private label pressing for your resort, restaurant, hotel or gift line.

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