Our Cashmere Location

The Cider Mill

The Cider Mill Property has a 20 year history in cider production. The Rankin Family were previous owners with the business known to the public as Woodring Orchards, found in a Pike Place Market stall. In 2003 it was renamed the Cashmere Cider House when purchased by Jack Toevs from Quincy.

Our family purchased the business in 2005, after having purchased the cider for many years and developing the Lady Blush Collection. The beautiful labels in the collection have been created to reflect vintage apple box labels.

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Paula Frederick - Artist

Visit the onsite art gallery of Paula Frederick at the Cashmere Cider Mill. You may find Paula herself painting by the creek. Her painting style reflects the region through oils and recycling rustic barn woods used to create frames. Long time Washington resident Paula found her inner art emerge only in the last 8 years. Mother of 3 children, the empty nest provided the time to explore her new adventure. She has been commissioned to create paintings for well know locations in North Central Washington, Mission Ridge Ski Resort, Liberty Orchards, makers of Aplets and Cotlets, Anjou Bakery, Antique Mall of Cashmere, Smallwood's Harvest, Chateau Faire La Pointe Winery, and Cashmere Cider Mill, home of Lady Blush, to name a few.

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Music At the Cider Mill

Our celebrations of agriculture extends to featuring musicians and artist. In August 2008 we begin our "Saturday Live" music series 2-4 PM live music will be performed alongside Mission Creek.

Our special family friends Laurie and Swil Kanim have been great encouragement throwing their personal weight and influence into our monthly Open Mic Music Nights at the Mill. Bringing us into a new realm, our destination supports and promotes musicians to the region.

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Aplets and Cotlets

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