Washington Apple Country Recipes

Lady Blush Recipes

Recipes from our tasting room, using our exclusive Washington Apple Country products.

Great Northern Recipes

Before the advent of Amtrak in 1971, the Great Northern, Milwaukee Road, and Northern Pacific railroads all operated luxury trains from Chicago to Washington. The cuisine on the dining cars of these trains was world-reknowned, especially on the Great Northern's Empire Builder. Read "Great Northern Secrets".

Old Fashioned Recipes

This recipe collection is from The Encyclopedia of Practical Horticulture published in 1914 in North Yakima, Washington. Quoting associate editor Wm. Worthington, "A very complete department of recipes for cooking, preserving and serving the various fruits and vegetables is given."

The collection was edited by Miss Alice M. Hodge, Stout Institute, Menominee, Wisconsin.
These simple recipes offer an intriguing glimpse into the kitchen of 100 years ago.

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