Music at the Cider Mill

The Musicians

Swil Kanim

Swil Kanim is a regular performer at the Cider Mill. He is a world class virtuoso violinist who advocates self-expression to create stronger community. He intertwines his music with storytelling, poetry, and audience interaction.

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LittleHand is performing throughout the region bringing to the stage the latest incarnation of the original songs of Paul Mannino, lead singer and songwriter of the group and also an orchardist from Omak, WA. These songs are meant to connect the listener with his life experiences and to entertain you with a combination of styles ranging from the blues to folk to rock and roll. Paul grew up in Southern California and traveled the west coast with his group 'The Search.' In the years since, while living in Washington and raising a family he has continued his song writing and released three CD's. The latest CD "The Barn Sessions" came out in the fall of 2007. Paul is backed by two great musicians from Seattle, Jeremiah Whitehall on bass and his brother Luke on drums

Havilah Rand


Havilah's awe-inspiring voice and compelling stage presence have been captivating audiences up and down the east and west coasts. Havilah's songwriting fuses jazz and blues influences with an alternative rhythmic edge. With a penchant for songwriting and word play, Havilah's lyrics - sometimes poignant, other times humorous - convey her own perspective on political and environmental issues, as well as personal experiences about life. Favorable compared to other great female singer songwriters such as Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt, and the Indigo Girls, Havilah has developed a distinctly unique style and both her songs and personality have the ability to reach a diverse audience. Fan favorites such as Dig Down, Williamsburg and Superfarmhouse have received regular radio airplay on regional college and commercial radio stations.

Havilah's latest release, Delilah's Gold, finds Havilah spanning the gamut from edgy to earthy, sensitive to sassy, introspective to silly. An eclectic mix of folk, jazz, rock, blues and even a touch of electronica, Delilah's Gold ups the ante for afficionados of timely, contemporary folk be delivering yet another well-produced release. Delilah's Gold, along with Havilah's first two albums Superfarmhouse and Crashing Into Emeralds have received rave reviews by fans and critics nationwide. Havilah's ever-expanding fan base is appeased by frequent tours of the East and West Coasts, where her warm, personal stage presence and ever-evolving songwriting continues to inspire diverse audiences of all ages. Havilah has shared the stage with notables such Jewel, Steve Poltz, Joules Graves, Rebecca Riots, Po Girl, Melissa Ferrick, Stacey Earle, Kris Delmhurst and many others.

Local musicians, the Pearsons, play at the Cider Mill


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