Our Cashmere Location

The Cider Mill Story

As we began the journey to develop the Cider Mill as a rural agriculture destination & experience a bit of the country life, attention was placed on simple pleasures like sitting areas best suited to hear the relaxing sounds of the creek, birds song among the herbs & flowers, or strains of music from the amateur & professional musicians.

With an amazing amount of work, the restoration began of a very neglected property. Along the way, small amounts of progress are visible. We began with basic clean up, and so many loads to the dump, places that had been trash piles, weed infested, the oil change hang out, and the amount of burn piles our memories refuse to keep track! Our white picket fence now set the patio apart - with blooming clematis, grape vines, marigolds, petunias, culinary herbs, mammoth sunflowers, brimming flower pots, and places to rest your weary feet! The transformation process may allow one to hear friends relaxing in laughter, sipping cider, milkshake, or savoring a baked indulgence from the bakery. Life stands still a little longer, & as our Cider Mill song says, Come on down to the Cider Mill, where the food is flowing, till you get your fill at the Cider Mill. This tune written exclusively by one of our Open Mic night regulars, Greg Hernish.

The hillside once forgotten to the world of sprinklers and water, grass now grows, herbs are beginning to flourish, & apricot trees are prolific; the creek bubbles alongside picnic tables, & 1939 Chevy truck is surrounded by pumpkin plants, & sunflowers.

In 2007 The Cashmere Cider Mill opened its Tasting Room, and shares its production site for the first time with the general public. Open Thursday through Saturday 10-5, you will be greeted with chilled gourmet cider samples - the perfect thirst quencher on warm summer days, or hot steamed cider to warm you on colder days.

We believe guests enjoy the romance, & features of a winery, without the alcohol, at our Cider Mill.

Our private events carefully planned for private families & business, give the opportunity to see the Lady Blush Cider Mill - smell the herbs, flowers, blossoms, taste the food prepared with simple elegance and feel the restful atmosphere alongside Mission Creek.

The Tasting Room has all the comforts of leather couches, Wi Fi, seating up to 45 indoors, and intimate receptions spilling outdoors up to 150#
Future Plans

Our future plans include building a shade arbor, installing fountains, adding many more herbs, berries & flowers; rock walls to hold back the sluffing hillside, and a small outdoor stage for our musicians who perform at the Cider Mill. Oh, and fix up the VERY old Farmhouse, which we are now taking suggestions on how best to use it in the future.. Day Spa, Bed & Breakfast, Indoor Private Event site? We welcome your suggestions!

How our cider is made

Art and music at the cider mill

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Pear orchards along the Wenatchee River