Washington Apple Country

Aplets & Cotlets

Introduced in 1920, Liberty Orchards Aplets & Cotlets have been best sellers ever since... The original recipe is still used based on the juices of crisp Washington apples and ripe apricots, slow-cooked to a smooth puree and then blended with English walnuts. Each box is evenly divided between Apple-Walnut (Aplets) and Apricot-Walnut (Cotlets) candies, which is rolled in powdered sugar and pack by hand.

Aplets and Cotlets 8 oz  $9.50 

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Aplets and Cotlets 12 oz  $10.95 

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Aplets & Cotlets - a Holiday Tradition

Give our classic fruit-and-nut combination, a favorite since 1920! The blossom-fresh flavor of crisp Washington apples, the tangy goodness of ripe apricots, and the nutty richness of crunchy walnuts have made our namesake Aplets and Cotlets our top sellers since 1920. We slow-simmer the ingredients together to condense the rich flavors and bring a smooth texture to our candies that's easy on the teeth and impossible to resist. We still do most everything by hand, just like in the beginning, so you can taste the nostalgia in every bite.

Fruit Delights

Imagine a fresh fruit stand in the summer when the flavors are at their peak, the air is filled with sweet aromas, the colors are a feast for the eyes... now you can give the same tasting "excursion" in our famous Fruit Delights, theirs to enjoy at home, whenever they like. This bounteous harvest includes Strawberry-Walnut, Raspberry-Pecan, Orange-Walnut, Pineapple-Macadamia, Blueberry-Pecan, and Peach-Walnut.

Fruit Delights 8 oz  $9.95

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Fruit Delights 12 oz  $11.95

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Hawaiian Fruit Delights

Fresh as an island breeze, Hawaiian Fruit Delights combine the essences of tropical fruit flavors with buttery macadamia nuts. Choose from our Tropical Assortment (which includes Pineapple, Coconut, Passion-Orange, Guava, Papaya, and Banana, each with macadamias), OR a box of everybody's favorite "tropical" Pineapple and Macadamia in it's own box.

8 oz Pineapple Macadamia $9.95

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8 oz Tropical Assortment $9.95

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Fruit Chocolates

A heavenly marriage of our classic fruit and nut candies with a rich chocolate blend. Choose from Classic Fruit Chocolates (Includes Strawberry-Walnut, Cherry-Pecan, Orange Marmalade, Apricot-Walnut, and Raspberry-Pecan), OR Tropical Fruit Chocolates (Includes Banana, Coconut, Pineapple, Passion-Orange, and Guava... all with Macadamia Nuts).

Classic Fruit Chocolates 8 oz  $10.95

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Tropical Fruit Chocolates 8 oz  $10.95

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